Coral Springs Museum of Art

"The images are open enough to be something else. They retain their mystery"
The Advocate. Hartford, CT • Joe Cohen

"Explores the intersection of society and nature."
The Hartford Courant. Hartford, CT. • Matt Damsker

"In general, the pieces are strident and gutsy. His use of color is vibrant and sophisticated."
"Ferrer puts all convention aside in order to break new grounds. This gives the art its viability."
The Hartford Courant. Hartford, CT. • Jude Schwendenwien

Series Facing North " Damasco "
8" x 56" Oil on Canvas

"The bright and disjointed images only briefly mask the artist’s serious statements about certain aspects of culture in this country."
"It is powerful and provocative work."
Artworks Hartford. Harford, CT • Susan Hoffman-Fishman

"Ferrer’s work captures the essence of Miami, uniquely a city that constantly reinvents itself. It’s steeped in traditional values, both American and Latino, yet remains on the cutting edge of our culture."
Sun Post. Miami,FL. • Jim Tommaney

Series Facing North " Azul"
8" x 60" Oil on Canvas

"Ferrer looks at our often looked-at landscape in a way most artists don’t. There’s the usual array of intense colors, yet that familiar sun-drenched sense of place is accelerated, driven by an imaginative view from behind the wheel."
The Miami Herald. Miami, FL. • Elisa Turner

"Presencia de un temperamento dotado de poesia"
"La actitud y definida vocación de Jaime Ferrer merecen la atención del observador agudo, y recomiendan al estudioso el ejercicio de una evaluación sin premura."
lnstituto Chileno Norteamericano. Santiago, Chile. • R. Vergara Grez

Series Facing North " Rosado"
8" x 56" Oil on Canvas

Agresiva pero no dañina, colorida pero no estridente, surreal y la vez real, explosiva y también cautivante, desarrollada, magistral. Esa es la obra de Jaime Ferrer."
Miami, FL. • José L. Ayála

"His Art reflects his thinking, or one might say, the extremities of his thoughts"
The Chronicle. Willimatic, CT. • Matt McGregor

"His paintings and sculpture capture today's dislocating sensation of speed and question its imposition on daily existance and quality of lyfe"
Florida International University. Miami, FL. • Carol Damian